Welcome to Rewrite the Movie!

Rewrite the Movie is where you can discuss the plots and stories of movies you have seen but thought could have been better. You can discuss what would have made a movie better or you can post a rewrite of a movie in the form of an outline or a treatment or a full script. Yes *Spoilers* abound on this site. For anyone who hasn’t seen a movie being discussed on this site but plan to, if you want a pristine viewing experience avoid that movie’s forum. For more information about the site visit the About page.

This is also the site to discuss upcoming movies; their trailers, TV commercial, viral campaigns, etc. You can also post speculative outlines for upcoming movies. You know how some movie trailers and commercials reveal way too much about a movie these years? Remember the movie Prometheus and its viral campaign and numerous trailers and TV commercials? They were very revealing. They gave away all the movies secrets: We saw Weyland in a spacesuit, the Prometheus crashing into another ship, Shaw giving birth to a squid. Prometheus’s entire structure could be gleaned from the marketing campaign, from the “2001”-like beginning on a primordial Earth to the “Independence Day”-like ending when the Prometheus’s crew sacrifices themselves and the ship to save Earth.